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Kura Manaaki

Kura Manaaki Project delivered to whānau in local schools

Kura Manaaki was developed out of a need to work in a more prevention and intervention space with our schools to address challenges arising in whanau situations that were impacting on student attendance and well being before they got out of hand or needed referral to Truancy or NEET services.

We trialled this in Term 4 of 2020 and across three schools Weymouth Primary, Waimahia Intermediate and James Cook High School. Most of the referrals came from Weymouth Primary and of the 27 families referred to us our Hope Navigators were able to engage successfully with each whanau and the outcomes for the schools were positive as the Tamariki returned to Kura whilst our team continued more intensive whanau support work with the families.

The approach was two Hope Navigators knocked on the doors of the whanau who had been referred, they took with them a kai parcel worth $100 and they introduced themselves and the partnership with the Kura. The response from many whanau was amazing they were relieved, some broke down and all welcomed the support and opportunity for open conversation that was based around how we could help not from a punitive lense.

We worked closely at times with the Truancy officers for the West of Manurewa and we would update the referral system with notes for the school principals to read and feedback into. We believe this kaupapa is really valuable in reducing the harm and trauma for Tamariki and Rangatahi as it works in an intervention space where teachers can refer when they see red flags in the classroom rather than wait untill much further down the track.

We would like to see this kaupapa across all of our Manurewa Schools long term and to have the opportunity to work closer with the Truancy services team, school management and the NEET service providers.