Our Story

Our Story

The Pride Project is a community led support initiative run out of The Pride Project community house in Clendon within Manurewa. It works to combat anti-social activity and support people with complex needs who are falling through the cracks.

We are a registered Charitable Trust, we have a board of trustees made up of six reputable community leaders, a staff of fifteen including three management members, six Hope Navigators and six much valued volunteers.

Proudly our Kaupapa of Hope Navigation has seen four people employed on our team who were previously long-term beneficiaries

We believe that having the opportunity to have pride in your place is empowering and even if everything else is overwhelming at the moment having the control over the appearance of your whare is Mana enhancing

Clendon/Manurewa is a community that suffers from high levels of deprivation, inter-generational poverty, over-crowding in homes particularly among its majority of Māori and Pacific households. Our understanding of our community comes from our local knowledge. We deal with the failings and silo-effects of the dominant socio-economic and political system and what we do is not about filling gaps but building an alternative healing system of well being around Manurewa people as individuals, whanau, hapu and as a kainga. We are immersed in Kaupapa Māori; it is a deeply held foundation, as well as an expression of what we do and why.

The Pride Project Team
Wellness Retreat 2022

Grateful to Tindall Foundation for the investment into our team and their well being. We planned a Winter Wellness Retreat in Taupo to take some time to rest, relax and re-group.

It was a good time to reconnect with each other in a setting that wasn't at mahi and on the grind.

Pretty cool taking Whaea Polly and Rhonda to the snow for the first time in their lives at 56 and 62 definitely a highlight.

Blessed to have a beautiful place to stay at De Bretts, hot pools, dinners out, snow trip and gondola rides.

Refreshed and ready for the remainder of the year.


Our Journey So Far...